untung99.biz: Youth Basketball Guidelines

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Basketball is played in countless settings and locations across the U.S. –  and though the game remains fundamentally the same, there are many variables that can impact a young player’s experience.  The NBA and USA Basketball want all players to enjoy the game and have a fun, developmentally appropriate experience.

Parents and coaches frequently ask certain questions, especially when their kids are young:

  • How high should we set the basket?
  • What size ball should we use?
  • Should we play zone defense?

These are important questions, and we understand that playing with the correct equipment and establishing age-appropriate rules significantly impacts the experience for youth as they learn the game.  Therefore, the NBA and USA Basketball have established detailed guidelines to help young players develop at a natural pace that is suitable to their age and physiological abilities.

The NBA and USA Basketball have worked closely with an expert working group on Playing Standards to develop age- and stage-appropriate rules and standards for youth basketball.  Aligning with the Player Segmentation Model, these guidelines will help young players appropriately learn the fundamentals of the game, achieve and maintain early success, and provide enhanced long-term development.

The rules and standards address four key areas:

  1. Equipment & Court Specifications (e.g., proper height of the basket, size of the ball, and court dimensions and lines).
  2. Game Structure (e.g., length of the game, scoring and timeouts).
  3. Game Tactics (e.g., equal playing time, player-to-player vs. zone defense, pressing vs. no pressing).
  4. Game Play Rules (e.g., use of a shot clock, substitutions, clock stoppage).

Rules and Standards Charts
See below for detailed rules and standards information.  Please keep in mind:

  • The playing rules and standards below are to serve as guidelines and recommendations for those administering basketball competitions.
  • The NBA and USA Basketball have adopted FIBA (International Basketball Federation) rules for the Grades 9-12 age- segment and created progressive sets of rules and standards for younger age segments (ages 14 and under). Where a specific rule or standard is not explicitly indicated, the recommendation is to follow official FIBA rules.
  • The NBA and USA Basketball will utilize these playing rules and standards in all events and competitions they may host.

*We understand that organizations and facilities may not always be able to accommodate all recommendations and that modifications will need to be made in certain instances due to practical limitations (e.g., inability to raise or lower the height of a basket, re-draw court lines, or not having a shot clock).