untung99.biz: Stetson Bennetts father Stetson Bennett lll reflects on his sons remarkable journey

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) – The national championship marks the final stop of Stetson Bennett’s incredible ride in a Georgia uniform. Earlier this week, WTOC sat down with his father, Stetson Bennett lll.

We met Mr. Bennett at a location dear to his heart – the family farm in Jesup.

“It’s my favorite place on earth. Whenever he comes down, we hang out at the farm. A lot of decisions have been made out here. A lot of pulling and pushing and running and sprinting uphill and working on technique,” said Stetson Bennett III.

The big moment plays we are so accustomed to seeing from Stetson were previously imagined and drawn up at the farm.

“We had a jet ski in the back pond and Stet would act like it is the last play of the game. He would take a three step drop and you know, try to make someone miss and circle around. Then throw it and Knox would be on the jet ski and then dive off the jet ski and make the catch. A lot of great times here at the farm.”

To bring those imaginations to fruition – Mr. Bennett stressed one thing.

“I told all of my children that you can do anything that you want to do in this world, but you can’t just want it. You have to go work.”

The work Stetson has put in has led to constant acts of overcoming.

“If you take someone that’s the greatest that’s ever been and you put them in a situation to fail, they may fail. But when you put someone that’s been told that they can’t do it, but time and time and time again they have done it. You know they have that reserve back in the bag that says you know what, there is two minutes and thirty-six seconds. That’s thirty-six seconds more than my daddy said there would be. I wasn’t worried. Literally, I looked at my wife and said this is what he was trained to do right here.”

Along with a relentless work ethic – passion and love are two major factors in Stetson’s remarkable journey.

“What a ride. It’s been a joy to get to watch him do what he wanted to do. Not what I wanted him to do, but what he wanted to do. I mean this kid loves football and he loves the University of Georgia. There’s a lot of naysayers out there, but if you just look at it for what it is, this is as pure as it is, someone doing it for the love of the game.”

The latest chapter to this story is set to be written on Monday night.

“Obviously there are going to be some better emotions if you win, rather than lose. I’ll be right there to hug his neck; tell him I love him and tell him I’m proud of him.’

And win lose or draw – Stetson’s story will forever inspire.

“The greatest part of the story to me is that every little boy in Georgia – not just in the state of Georgia – you know there is a whole country that loves to play football and everybody that is under six foot can point to Stetson Bennett and say, “I can do it.” I don’t care what someone says, I can do it.”

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