untung99.biz: Stetson Bennett Arrest Video Shows QB Annoyed With Cops Reputation Ruined

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New police video, obtained by TMZ Sports, shows Stetson Bennett was seriously pissed at cops during his arrest back in January … at one point accusing the officers of ruining his reputation.

Dallas Police Dept. cops initially responded to the scene in Dallas, Texas on Jan. 29 at around 6:15 a.m. … after a 911 caller said the ex-Univ. of Georgia star quarterback had been knocking on her door, yelling, and appearing to be “very” intoxicated.

During the 911 call, the woman told dispatch that Bennett had screamed outside of her home, “I’m going to ruin your night if you don’t open the g**damn door.”

Body cam footage shows when police arrived, Bennett was not very cooperative. When asked to step away from one of the home’s doors and show his hands, it took him several moments to comply — and later, during questioning, Bennett didn’t seem to want to answer many of the cops’ inquires.

Bennett ultimately did reveal he was in the area training — and claimed he was looking to link up with one of his former UGA teammates, Owen Condon. But he wouldn’t tell cops what he had been doing prior to getting into the neighborhood, and appeared to have very little idea of where he was.

In fact, according to cops, he had someone else’s ID on him.

While speaking with Bennett, one officer noted the 25-year-old reeked of booze.

Eventually, Bennett was placed in the back of a squad car, where he became extremely agitated with cops. He complained about the tightness of his cuffs — before he unloaded on officers for stopping him.

“The door shut and somebody fell asleep,” Bennett said. “And now five million people gotta see it, don’t they? Thank you, boys, for looking out for me. You guys are the best.”

He added, “Reputation ruined. Everything I worked for for 20 years, ruined. But ya’ll boys just looking out for me, aren’t ya? Thank you, sir.”

Bennett was later taken to the local police station and booked for public intoxication.


UGA Quarterback Stetson Bennett Arrested For Public Intoxication

Speaking about the arrest for the first time last month, he said it was all “a mistake.”

“I understand why that can’t happen,” he said. “I’ve talked to coaches about it, talked to GMs. I’ve apologized to my family. That’s who I felt worse about; I felt like I let them down, because no matter where I go now [people are going to know about it]. Even without all this, I’ve got an obligation. I’m the fourth [Stetson Bennett]. You can’t do that if you’re last name is Bennett. I know better.”

Despite the arrest, Bennett is still expected to be picked in the NFL draft later this month.

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