untung99.biz: Sadio Manés lackey shreds Bayern Munich and Leroy Sané calls Thomas Tuchel a puppet

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Photo by Masashi Hara/Getty Images

The personal manager/public relations flunky for former Bayern Munich bust Sadio Mané, Bacary Cissé, sat down for an interview with “After Foot RMC” (as captured by @iMiaSanMia) and took a blowtorch to Bayern Munich, Thomas Tuchel, and Leroy Sané.

Depending on your perspective, he is either the best — or most likely the worst — PR flack on the planet.

Cissé went for the jugular early as he seemed to imply that Bayern Munich’s German players were unhappy because its highest paid player was of African descent.

“Sadio was professional until the end, but the people in charge at Bayern weren’t fair. They first leaked to the media they were ready to sell him for €20 million. But after he returned to training and they saw he was doing well, they raised the price to €30 million. It wasn’t a footballing decision. Sadio’s salary bothered the Germans, they didn’t understand how an African joins the club and becomes the top earner ahead of everyone, so they wanted to get rid of him,” Cissé said. “They never called the player’s representatives. They never told Sadio face to face that they wanted to get rid of him. They just sent Tuchel to tell him that he will be a third choice left winger.

“Sadio has nothing to prove to the Germans. He didn’t become what he’s become thanks to Bayern. It was thanks to Liverpool. Bayern were ungrateful. They were paying an African all this money, and that hurt them.”

Cissé, who previously implied that it was Mané’s Bayern Munich teammates who were the problem and were potentially holding his boss client back, also hammered Thomas Tuchel by saying he was a puppet.

“Sadio didn’t steal his money. From the first meeting with Bayern, he gave them his word that he would join, without talking about the salary. His representatives negotiated that salary for him,” Cissé remarked. “When Tuchel arrived, he met Sadio for the first time after the international break. He (Tuchel) told him he was happy to have him in the squad and that he will play an important role, but he didn’t know that the people in charge made another decision.

“They (the bosses) told Tuchel that Sadio shouldn’t play because he went to play for Senegal. The bosses had told Sadio that he shouldn’t travel to Senegal because he was just back from injury. But we know that for Sadio, the national team is above everything. This was ungrateful from the people in charge. Thomas Tuchel accepted their decision. After the end of the season, Tuchel met Sadio and told him: ‘I’m sorry because I promised you would play, but the bosses told me not to play you.’ It wasn’t a footballing decision. Tuchel played the role of a puppet. Bayern isn’t run by Tuchel, Bayern is run by old men in the stands. The supervisory board wanted him and approved the signing a year ago, now after his injury they decided he would be gone.”

Perhaps worst of all (though there is A LOT of bad going on here), Cissé doubled down on his claim that Leroy Sané made racist remarks to Mané, which precipitated the infamous punch that landed in the vicinity of Sané’s mouth.

The claims have been widely denied by Bayern Munich, but Cissé was really in a zone when being given this platform. When asked if it was true that Sané racially insulted Mané and that Bayern covered it up to protect the Germany international, Cissé really started to go off.

“Yes, indeed. I can’t enter into certain details. That’s why I said there was ingratitude from Bayern’s part. It’s crazy! If Sadio Mané’s skin colour bothered Leroy Sané, it also bothered the people in charge at Bayern, because they didn’t understand why they would have to pay this kind of money to this guy,” Cissé said. “Everyone with a knowledge of European football knows that Leroy Sané is a very condescending guy, while Sadio is very calm and has shown that everywhere he played. Sané has exceeded the limits.

“Many wrong things were said about what happened. Many ‘dirty’ things came out from the German press. They sided with Sané against Sadio. They said Sadio was fined €500k, which is a lie.

“Leroy Sané apologized to Sadio after the incident. Why? Because he knew it was him who f****d up. He (Sané) called some players and told them: ‘I sent a text to Sadio, tell him to respond’ — Sadio responded and accepted his apology, but told him that shouldn’t happen again.”

It should be noted that Sané’s father is of Senegalese descent — just like Mané. While it would not be thoroughly unheard of for something like this to happen, it was denied multiple times.

Most outspoken on the topic was former sporting director Hasan “Brazzo” Salihamidžić, who addressed the topic directly with Sky Sport (as captured by Goal).

“We know this allegation made by a journalist. We spoke to Leroy about it. He assured us very clearly that he had never said anything like that and we believe him,” Salihamidžić said. “We spent two days speaking openly with everyone involved and worked through that. For us, the matter is settled.”

Apparently, it was not settled with everyone.