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LGD Gaming began as For The Dream, which won SMM 2009, later that year FTD was sponsored by LGD. The team has been a powerhouse of the Chinese scene ever since.

On April 19th, 2018, LGD entered a partnership with French football giants Paris Saint-Germain. The main squad rebranded to PSG.LGD.[1] The team won its first title under the partnership at EPICENTER XL, beating Team Liquid 3-1 in the grand finals.[2]


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  • January 20th – The roster is formed.[3]
  • March 1st – Faith leaves to join Invictus Gaming, he is replaced by ch.[3]
  • July 26th – 2009 becomes the team’s coach.[4]
  • October 30th – Gx is released from the team, he is replaced by 830.[3]
  • January 6th – BeNz announces his departure.[5]
  • January 25th – ChuaN returns to China, filling the void on the team left by BeNz.[6]
  • August 2nd – LGD loses four players to Invictus Gaming: YYF, ch, 830, and ChuaN. Only ZSMJ remains on the team.[7]
  • August 9th – It is revealed that xiao8, Yao, DD and DDC have joined the team.[8]
  • November 19th – ZSMJ announces his departure from LGD, and goes inactive.[9]
  • November 20th – Sylar is announced as the teams new carry player.[10]
  • March 19th – Several Chinese teams, including LGD, begin practicing Dota 2.[11]
  • April 11th – LongDD replaces DD as the position 5 player.[12]
  • May 3rd – LongDD leaves the team.[13]
  • May 6th – DD returns to the team.[14]
  • September 6th – Carry player xiaotuji joins LGD.cn, replacing Sylar.[15]
  • February 19th – xiao8 leaves the team and is replaced by Maybe.[16]
  • March 5th – 820, the former captain and retired EHOME player, is officially announced as the teams new coach.[17]
  • March 17th – Icy joins and takes over Maybe’s spot which he was occupying, Maybe remains on the roster as a sixth player.[18]
  • April 11th – LGD announces that Lin has joined the current seven-man roster of LGD and that final roster announcements will follow.[19]
  • April 25th – LGD announces the formation of a secondary team, LGD.CDEC, with recent pickup Maybe as captain.[20]
  • August 5th – DD announces his retirement.[21]
  • August 13th – HGT announce that Icy has joined their team.[22]
  • August 26th – A new roster is confirmed; Faith, MMY, Sylar, injuly, and inflame join the team while Rabbit leaves to join Newbee.[23][24]
  • September 12th – inflame, DDC and Lin leave to LV Gaming.[25]
  • March 6th – Faith confirms he has left for Invictus Gaming, although neither organization makes an official announcement.[26]
  • March 8th – xiao8 is confirmed to have transferred to LGD.[27]
  • March 15th – The team confirms their full new roster: Maybe, xiao8, and Mikasa (as a coach) join the team.[28]
  • August 25th – The team announces that rOtK has joined the roster,[29] and Yao, after playing with the team for the entirety of his Dota 2 career, announces his departure from the main playing roster, and moves to a substitute role.[30]
  • August 26th – The lineup for the season is confirmed.[31]
  • January 29th – Somnus丶M decides to take a break. Xm will stand in for him.[48]
  • March 27th – Yao joins as coach.[49]
  • August 29th – QQQ leaves while fy takes a three-month break due to eye surgery.[50]

Player Roster[edit]


Inactive Squad Inactive Squad
ID Name Position Join Date Inactive Date Active Team