untung99.biz: Power5 Coach Scouts Break It Down

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Three years ago, if you would’ve proclaimed that Stetson Bennett would play in the NFL one day, most football fans would’ve laughed in your face. Now, after winning two national titles and setting multiple Georgia passing records, it’s starting to become a reality.

The naysayers were vocal and even a number of Georgia coaches were against the idea of the 5-foot-11, 190-pound Stetson Bennett leading the Bulldogs. What did this guy have that coaches were missing? It mainly centers around his ability to block out the noise and win football games. Even though Bennett might look unorthodox at times, he only lost one football game in two years as the starting quarterback.

Doing this in college football is one thing, but putting up his type of numbers at Georgia is a different type of accomplishment. Bennett led his team through the toughest conference in football. So when you look at his NFL prospects, there’s certainly a chance that Stetson will one day start a game at the next level.

OutKick spoke with a few scouts and one Power-five head coach, and it’s starting to become a reality that Bennett will play in the NFL.

NFL Assistant: ‘Take A Chance On Him In Last Two Rounds’

“Stetson is a unique quarterback. He doesn’t stand out when it comes to size, but his ability to scramble is what led Georgia to multiple victories over his time in Athens. I’ll be interested to see what some NFL teams decide to do when it comes to the draft,” one current NFL assistant coach told OutKick. “All the young man does is win football games, while having the ability to hit a receiver in-stride. He’s not a fifth-round QB, but somebody could take a chance on him in the last two rounds, if they need a winner.” 

If you ask a random college football fan, they’ll say Bennett’s success benefited from the NFL talent around him. Well, that’s an obvious notion. But if it weren’t for Stetson throwing dimes to these NFL-caliber players, maybe that offensive talent surrounding him at Georgia doesn’t make it to the next level, at least not all of them.

Sometimes the path to an NFL role comes from the practice squad, just waiting to get that chance to prove people wrong, again. Also, it’s good to have proven winner in your quarterback room.

One Power-5 head coach could see this being the route Bennett takes, which wouldn’t diminish his opportunity at playing for a long time at the next level.

Power-5 Head Coach: ‘Throws He Made Were NFL Caliber’

“That guy can ball, just watch the tape. Even though he was surrounded by NFL talent, it doesn’t mean he wasn’t the right guy for the job. In that system, you have to be able to trust the quarterback to make a play if the pocket breaks down, which he did countless times. Yes, Georgia had talented receivers, but the throws he made were NFL caliber,” the Power-5 head coach said.

“Not to mention his leadership on the field. Just watch the Ohio State game and how he led his squad down the field. That means he doesn’t get flustered and if you can do that at a high-level, I imagine he can make it work in the league. I’m not saying he’ll be drafted, but he will certainly make a squad, even if it’s the practice squad. Knowing you have a stone-cold winner on your football team gives the coaching staff a sense of calm in the quarterback room.”

Stetson Bennett of the Georgia Bulldogs. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

One former NFL scout compared Stetson Bennett to San Francisco quarterback Brock Purdy, with the notion that Bennett can compete for the backup spot in training camp.

“I think he can definitely be a backup. [He’s] proven he can play at a high level in the biggest moments,” said John Middlekauff, a former NFL scout and current podcast host on The Volume network. “Accurate, athletic, & recent comp of a smaller guy with those traits (Purdy) having some success. I’d guess he gets drafted around the fifth round. And competes to the be No. 2 on a team during training camp.” 

Unless Stetson decides he wants to own a few Raisin Cane’s franchises and ride off into the sunset, I fully expect him to be playing in the NFL over the next few years, somewhere.

This story is far from over.