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Exemplary behavior! Civil minds! Disciplined bodies! That which holds the essence of true beauty!


Kneesocks Daemon (ニーソックス, Nīsokkusu) is a major antagonist in Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. She is the younger of the demon sisters. Kneesocks is both Stocking’s counterpart and rival.

Personality and Interests[]

Just like her sister, Scanty, she is obsessed with rules, claiming that rules will solve the chaos of freedom. Compared to Scanty, however, Kneesocks is calmer and more reserved in similar way how Stocking is more level-headed than Panty, but still tends to fly off the handle when the rules are being disparaged. Oddly enough, she blushes quite easily, causing her face to become a lighter shade of red.

Kneesocks is very intelligent, as she uses elaborate traps and trickery to fight against the Anarchy sisters. She has more control over her emotions and thinks things through better than her sister. However, she loves her sister very much, and often acts confident around her. Kneesocks dislikes Stocking as much as Scanty hates Panty.

She uses a large amount of English in her speech, even by the standards of the show. It was also implied that she and Scanty may have an incestuous relationship in “D.C. Confidential”.

Kneesocks during transformation.


As Stocking’s counterpart, her ability also allows her to transform her kneesocks into weapons. Kneesocks wears two white kneesocks, which can be transformed into a pair of scythes, called Double Gold Spandex (ダブル・ゴールド・スパンデックス, Daburu Gōrudo Supandekkusu). She can spin her scythes around her body in a similar way to how a helicopter’s rotors work, or combine them into an axe or a large throwing blade.

She is implied to have the ability to bestow bad luck on others, as seen in “The Stripping”, where she cancels out the Anarchy sisters’ good luck streak at the roulette table. She may also have shapeshifting powers, as she is able to conceal her prominent horn while acting undercover in “Panty + Brief”, as well as the ability to grow a devil tail.


Kneesocks’ age can be deduced from the fact that she is the same age as Stocking, which is at least 500 years old. She has dark red skin, long blue hair tied in a ponytail, and a single horn on her upper forehead. She has small fangs, including one that appears visible even when her mouth is closed. Her eyes appear to have a double-layered iris, with a yellow outer ring and a green inner ring.

Kneesocks normally wears a uniform identical to that of her sister’s; a short beige skirt, a matching beige suit, a dark red tie, a black and orange armband, and black pumps. She distinguishes herself from her sister by wearing angular glasses and a pair of white kneesocks (which actually go well over the knee).

Her demon outfit seems to be inspired on BDSM. When in demon form, she wears a black leather mini-skirt, a black strapped bra, black knee socks, black heels, several leather belts, collars and wristbands. Her swimsuit is a two piece gray/black bikini, as shown in “If the Angels Wore Swimsuits”. She appears to not wear her glasses at the beach.

As Tom Groose[]

“Contains spoliers about episode “1 Angry Ghost” In episode “1 Angry Ghost”, Kneesocks disguised herself as Tom Groose (voiced by Shinichiro Miki), the prosecutor of the live tv show called  Judgement Day, who also invited the Anarchy sisters in order to accuse them for murdering a supposedly friendly ghost, Husband Petter.


Kneesocks during transformation.

Kneesocks during transformation.

Kneesocks during transformation.

Demon Sisters & Brief’s concept art (2004) .

Kneesocks’ final design. (2004)

Kneesocks’ Gainax profile (2007).

Kneesocks and her sister reacting to Stocking’s new form

Kneesocks holding her weapon on the side of Scanty, Brief and Garterbelt.


Scanty and Kneesocks during transformation.

  • Kneesocks is often considered to be the 2nd fan favorite of all the girls, for her fanart count was off charts after only her first appearance.
  • At the end of Scanty and Kneesocks’ transformation scene they, along with Fastener, appear to make fun of Pokemon’s Team Rocket and their famous speech.
  • Kneesocks has never referred to her sister by name, except in the Funimation Dub.
  • The fighting game titled “Skullgirls” features a palette-swap homaging Kneesocks for Parasoul, one of the playable characters in the game.
  • Kneesocks’ hairstyle is based off of Yoko from Gainax’s previous work, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Ironically, Yoko’s other characteristics – such as her large breasts and affinity for guns – better fit Kneesocks’ sister, Scanty.
  • Like her sister, Kneesocks has a habit of rolling her R’s, usually while saying “Rules.”
  • Kneesocks shares the same Japanese and English voice actress as Cecily from The Sacred Blacksmith.
  • Tom Croose’s name is a direct reference/parody to celebrity Tom Cruise.
  • Both the appearance and mannerisms are a reference to Tom Cruise’s character, Frank T.J. Macky, from Magnolia.
  • In the video game, Scribblenauts Unlimited, if the player requests a “Succubus”, the game will spawn a character resembling Kneesocks in her transformation form.
  • Kneesocks in her concept form, seen above, had hair very similar to her final version but was colored pink instead of blue, and her outfit in the concept was very similar to her demon transformation outfit.
  • Despite her name, Kneesock’s socks actually go above her knees, nearly reaching to her thighs at times. The actual socks she is wearing would be called “over the knee socks/stockings” at shortest and “thigh high stockings” at highest. This could either be an oversight or the people working on the show were completely aware. They just didn’t care. Another case would be that “Over-The-Knee Socks” would be too much of a mouthful and that “Thigh High Stockings” would of course be too close to the name of her rival.
  • Her calm demeanor, one horn, and possibly blue hair in contrast to her sister with an angrier demeanor, two horns and warmer hair could be inspired by Red Oni, Blue Oni.
  • In art she carries a book titled “Death” which doesn’t seem to have ever appeared in the show. The book has the same color and symbol seen on her and her sister’s armbands. While it seems to exist just for art, given the themes of the authoritarian demons and those few traits mentioned, whatever contents it has it might either be some propaganda or philosophical type of book or even a book containing several rules.