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Photo by Robbie Jay Barratt – AMA/Getty Images

[Editor’s note: The headline of this story originally read: “Is Harry Kane stupid? Striker’s hesitation baffles Bayern Munich, Spurs, and everyone else”]

Let’s get this point out of the way first. No, the headline isn’t too harsh. Harry Kane is on the verge of getting what he wanted all summer — a move to Bayern Munich, a club where he can win titles, BEFORE the start of Tottenham’s season, with his former club getting a massive transfer fee commensurate to his stature. Now, after months of negotiation and the deal almost over the line, the striker decides to hesitate because … of what?

Everyone is baffled, Bayern Munich most of all.

Our buddies at The Athletic had a whole list of reasons for why Kane turning down Bayern at this stage would be “perfectly understandable”. It’s absolutely laughable. Let’s just go over their reasoning:

  • He will have more options later: He knew this when he agreed a deal earlier in the summer. What changed?
  • He could get more money as a free agent: It’s not like Bayern are offering him minimum wage. He is getting a fat contract that will keep him secure for up to five years, well into the twilight of his career. Unless he’s angling for a move to Saudi Arabia, that’s all that needs to be said.
  • The Shearer record: At this point it’s been repeated so often it’s lost all meaning. Again, Kane couldn’t have just realized this the hour after Bayern reached a deal with Spurs, right?
  • His wife’s pregnancy: Didn’t he discuss this with his wife beforehand? How could this become an issue only NOW? His wife was even in Munich to check out properties and schools WEEKS ago. Deciding to pull out now makes little sense.

Sorry but in the end, if Kane backs out of this deal, he got cold feet — simple as that. Even The Athletic seems to implicitly acknowledge this:

He might have started the summer thinking that Bayern was the place he wanted to be. Now, faced with the reality of it, he might have changed his mind. And that’s fine. It happens all the time. Thinking something one day, then the opposite the next is not a moral failing, it’s just what people do.

Honestly, some part of me does feel for Kane. He has some right to be anxious about a move. However, to cancel the deal now, after all that’s happened, after leading Bayern on for an entire transfer window, would honestly say very poor things about his character and the kind of person he is. At that point, Bayern Munich fans should be glad he said no — it’s the most Spursy thing possible.

Author’s note: There’s a chance I may regret what I’ve written here today. If Kane ends up coming, or if a better reason for his rejection is revealed. However, this saga has sapped my willpower and done a number on the collective consciousness of the Bayern fanbase. Take this rant as an outlet for pent-up frustration, rather than any reasoned commentary on the nature of the transfer.

We’re all well past that point.

Additional note: The “is he stupid” is a riff on the meme that originated from r/okbuddychicanery. I’m not a Redditor but it works rather well here.

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