untung99.biz: How much did Bayern Munich just pay for Harry Kane

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Photo by Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

In what is becoming a yearly tradition, Bayern Munich fans (and Tottenham Hotspur fans, to be fair) have been subject to a long and harrowing transfer saga. Since June, it has been obvious that Bayern Munich have pursued Tottenham’s iconic talisman Harry Kane, yet little progress has been made over all this time. In fact, it had seemed that Tottenham had rejected Bayern’s last offer on Monday and that the transfer was off.

Until now. Journalist David Ornstein dropped an exclusive in which he claims that Tottenham have, indeed, accepted the latest bid for Harry Kane, adding that the “proposal [is] worth over 100 million euros”, which blows Bayern’s previous transfer record of 80 million out of the water. To be more specific, the price is said to be somewhere around 110m euros (without add-ons).

According to ESPN, Bayern Munich amended their previous bid to include fewer add-ons and a higher proportion of the fee guaranteed up-font. This was enough for Daniel Levy to finally accept a transfer.

However, that does not mean the saga is over and that Harry Kane will definitely become a player of Bayern Munich. Recent reports have indicated that Kane might be rethinking leaving the Lilywhites, after being impressed by new coach Ange Postecoglou (try saying that five times fast) and the team’s progress. Ornstein even mentions that Kane “has been leaning towards staying” and that he “must now make a decision.”

The smart money is probably on Kane accepting the move, considering that the Bavarian giants would hardly have persisted with this transfer for these months if the player didn’t seem positive about moving to Munich, but there is a reason Kane has stayed with Tottenham for so long-beyond just Daniel Levy and the foolhardy contract Kane signed back in 2018. Kane loves Tottenham.

The question now is, is that love enough for him to remain in London? Or will Bayern finally land their white whale? Things are probably moving fast now. The answer should be arrive in the next few days.

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