untung99.biz: Father of Stetson Bennett shares what might be next for Georgias national championship QB

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Georgia QB Stetson Bennett was named the Offensive MVP of the 2021 Orange Bowl at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Fla. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation) (Jeff Sentell/Dawgnation)

That data points left to process for Stetson Bennett IV with Georgia

What does Bennett still have left to see? Maybe the championship celebration on Saturday will have something to do with it.

What will that day be like? How will he be received? It will be a chance for the silent majority to let their voices be heard.

They can drown out those that feel Stetson was fortunate to be Georgia’s quarterback. Not the other way around.

“Seeing Stet cry the morning after and getting to hug his neck the night of were really really special moments,” his father said. “He never cries. First time in years and years and years. But I knew the hurt and the pain and the road he has traveled. Just all of it.”

Will it take two weeks for a decision?

“I don’t know,” his father said. “He’s supposed to call me this afternoon. We’re going to talk, but probably not about that. I am going to see him this weekend obviously. I don’t know what. He knows more about the situation than I do clearly.”

Could a “one more year” rallying cry help? Would the lack of one hurt?

“He’ll take everything in,” his father said. “There’s an awful lot of hurt.”

This is the same stubborn player that kept going to every Elite 11 QB camp he could. Just to get noticed. He was always two or three quarterbacks away from being the best one at every camp.

And yet now he’s the QB of the greatest team in Georgia football history.

There has always been a steel-willed belief there. He’s bet on himself. But now he’s won it all, too.

NIL money won’t be a factor here.

“No, not at all,” his father said. “Stet is going to do what he wants to do. He’s done turned down more NIL money than a lot of people make in a year. It hasn’t ever been about the money.”

How has his son been able to succeed in spite of all of this?

“Just sheer determination,” Stetson Bennett III said. “You’re not going to tell him that he can’t when he can see clearly that he can do something.”

His father ranked toughness, force of will and wanting to prove people wrong as his son’s biggest blessings.

“Probably it is a combination of all of those,” he said. “Whether it is stick-ability or determination. It is not like he goes ‘I told you so’ when he does something big. That’s just not who he is.”

Did he think Monday night was his son’s best game?

The answer there was no. According to his father, the best game Stetson Bennett ever played was in 2013.

“The best game he has ever played was in the ninth grade,” his father said. “We were playing in a junior varsity football game against Camden County.”

Camden County is a much larger school than Pierce County. Probably three times larger. At least.

“He threw for 455 yards in a JV game,” Stetson Bennett III said. “I believe there were eight-minute quarters in that game. Maybe 10 minutes.”

The opposing coach came up to him after the game.

“He told me I’ve never seen anything like that in my life,” his father said. “He was blown away.”

Bennett’s top receiver couldn’t break five seconds in the 40 that day.

“When I tell you he could do more than put it in a window that day,” he said. “He could do more than that. He could put it in that mailbox that day.”

The reasoning behind that choice was pretty elementary. At least to him.

“We weren’t better than Camden County that day,” his father said. “We won on the last play of the game. It was 50-something to 50-something. We won. Threw for 455 yards. It was really really something special.”

That’s his best game.

“We were better than Michigan,” he said. “We were better than Alabama. But we weren’t better than Camden County that day. He still brought us a victory.”

This family likes long odds. And challenges. He said that his son loves football and likely still wants to play.

Maybe he wants just one more ride at Georgia. Not a ride off into that sunset.

Perhaps the Mailman just looks outside and doesn’t see the sun setting at all. Not just yet.


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