untung99.biz: Examining the Baltimore Ravens snap counts vs Eagles

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Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

How the Baltimore Ravens dole out snaps in the preseason could be a significant indicator in who they’re interested in seeing get run. The overwhelming majority of the starters were inactive tonight which led to the team giving ample opportunity for the depth across the board.



Josh Johnson – 24 snaps (37% of snaps)
Tyler Huntley – 24 (37%)
Anthony Brown – 17 (26%)

The coaching staff gave Johnson a full half to work with, which netted five drives and three resulted in 3 & outs. Huntley in the second half managed to earn the snap number of snaps in two drives, demonstrating the effectiveness of the offense when he’s under center. Batting clean up was Brown, who was given the rest of the game after Huntley exited due to injury.

Just on an efficiency scale it’s clear Huntley has the edge, leading the offense to the same number of points as Johnson did in three fewer series.

Running back

Keaton Mitchell – 19 (29%)
Gus Edwards – 14 (22%)
Melvin Gordon – 14 (22%)
Owen Wright – 10 (15%)
Justice Hill – 10 (15%)

The Ravens want to give Mitchell every chance to earn a roster spot or give them a reason to carry four running backs, it would seem. He led all backs in snaps. The Ravens know what they have in Hill and gave him enough run to make a play. It seemed they wanted to get Edwards the ball and maybe a feel for being fully back and work in the new Todd Monken offense in some live reps.

If Mitchell was given the biggest opportunity, it’s clear Wright was given the least. Fewest snaps and cleanup in the fourth quarter shows he’s trailing.

Wide receiver

Sean Ryan – 32 (49%)
James Proche 31 (48%)
Laquon Treadwell – 22 (34%)
Tarik Black – 21 (32%)
Dontay Demus – 21 (32%)
Tylan Wallace – 20 (31%)
Zay Flowers – 10 (15%)
Devin Duvernay – 10 (15%)
Shemar Bridges – 7 (11%)

Ryan pacing all wide receivers shows they’ve liked what the work he’s produced in camp thus far. He’s been a consistent player the past two weeks and now they got to see him with a real workload of snaps. He played the part well enough, I’d say.

Proche getting the second-most snaps but producing one catch on three targets for -1 yards isn’t good. The lost fumble on his punt return doesn’t help, either.

There’s a clear consensus on Flowers and they just wanted to get him some game action. It would appear that way for Duvernay, too.

The former preseason darling last season of Bridges hasn’t returned in camp where he’s struggled. He failed to get a reception against the Eagles and was targeted only once.

Tight end

Travis Vokolek – 29 (45%)
Ben Mason – 25 (38%)
Charlie Kolar – 21 (32%)
Isaiah Likely – 11 (17%)

No surprise Vokolek paced the tight ends. He’s been involved heavily in camp and they seem to like the undrafted tight end. However, it would’ve been good to see more run from Kolar. I’m interested as to why we didn’t see him as much, especially when Mason (who’s listed as a tight end by NFLGSIS) earned more snaps.

I would imagine Likely plays a bit longer had he not been given a ball from a terrible decision by Johnson which laid him out and sent him to the locker room. Fortunately, Likely appeared to be okay as he was on the field in street clothes in the second half.

Offensive line

Daniel Faalele – 65 (100%)
Ben Cleveland – 51 (78%)
Sam Mustipher – 51 (78%)
John Simpson – 37 (57)
Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu – 33 (51%)
Trevor Manning – 28 (43%)
David Sharpe – 23 (35%)
Jaylon Thomas – 14 (22%)
Ta’Keem Doss – 14 (22%)
Jake Guidone – 9 (14%)

Last season media members noted how poor Faalele’s conditioning was in minicamp and OTAs. Now, the big fella is leading the team in snaps during the preseason and making plays happen as he tossed a 6-foot-2 cornerback like a sack of flour. Give credit to the effort by Faalele to remain a player on this roster and put in the work.

The Ravens gave every chance for Cleveland to play against the Eagles, moving him along both spots on the right side of the line. He and Mustipher played until the final drives.

The left guard competition continues with Simpson and Sala, with Simpson getting the start and putting some good things on film. The Ravens show they’re still undecided on who will get the nod.

Mustipher is clearly ahead in the backup center role, earning just about every snap.



Malik Hamm – 38 (51%)
Kelle Sanders – 37 (49)
Tavius Robinson – 31 (41%)
Jeremiah Moon – 24 (32%)
David Ojabo – 20 (27%)

Giving Ojabo some run to test out live reps was solid. Keeping it to only 20 snaps that keep him relatively sheltered for health reasons is also a welcome sign.

Hamm did good work that I think could earn him if nothing else a practice squad role. He’s stacked a couple practices together and his play against the Eagles was a positive. Kelle Sanders is another whose play showed what we’ve maybe missed during camp.

Defensive line

Rayshad Nichols – 43 (57%)
Travis Jones – 29 (39%)
Trey Botts – 25 (33%)
Kaieem Caesar – 22 (29%)
Angelo Blackson – 21 (28%)
Brent Urban – 19 (25%)

With Michael Pierce, Justin Madubuike and Broderick Washington all being sat the snaps at defensive line had to go somewhere. The majority went to Nichols who I didn’t see pop all too much. Jones had a few plays that were a good sign for a second year defender looking to earn a greater role. Otherwise, not much is readable here. The Ravens know their rotation among starters and nobody really improved their stock, it feels.


Del’Shawn Phillips – 58 (77%)
Malik Harrison – 58 (77%)
Kristian Welch – 17 (23%)
Josh Ross – 17 (23%)

This may be the most blatant signal of the Ravens’ pecking order at a certain position. Phillips and Harrison are clearly ahead of Welch and Ross for backup linebacker roles.


Kevon Seymour – 63 (84%)
Jeremy Lucien – 32 (43%)
Jordan Swann – 26 (35%)
Kyu Kelly – 17 (23%)
Corey Mayfield Jr. – 11 (15%)

A room ravaged by short-term injury left a few to play ample snaps on Saturday. Among them was Seymour, who led the team with 63 snaps at cornerback and played a mighty fine game. Head coach John Harbaugh gave Seymour props during a podium session earlier in training camp and he stepped up under the lights.

It’s felt as though Kelly is dealing with a minor nagging injury which I would tack as the reason he didn’t play much. I’m surprised by Mayfield not gaining more reps as he’s been playing a lot in camp but after a strong start he’s struggled the past week.


Daryl Worley – 75 (100%)
Ar’Darius Washington – 72 (96%)
Brandon Stephens – 58 (77%)
Jaquon Amos – 12 (16%)

Worley was asked to go the distance and he proudly did so, making plays and celebrating with vigor. He and Washington played great lengths and poached the majority of snaps with starters Kyle Hamilton and Marcus Williams on the sideline.