untung99.biz: Chicago Bears To St Louis Apparently Thats A Real Thing

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The Chicago Bears are deep in the process of getting a new stadium established in Arlington Heights. Everybody expects them to close the deal on the property within the next few months. Once that happens, new team president Kevin Warren will spearhead the plans for developing a state-of-the-art building for his team along with a massive surrounding property filled with moneymaking opportunities. The organization has dreamed of it since George Halas was still alive.

Yet there are still many hurdles to clear before the Bears can reach their desired destination. By far, the biggest is figuring out where all the money required to build this stadium will come from. The organization will fund some of it, as will donations from the NFL and other private investors. However, the Bears still need cooperation from the Illinois state government in regard to tax incentives. Resistance from the politicians could have a cascade effect of driving the team to seek a new home elsewhere, according to Joey Schneider of Fox 2 Now.

One city might be ready and waiting to pounce.

The Bears are highly considering a new home in the Arlington Heights suburb of Chicago, one that could pair an NFL stadium with a nearby entertainment complex. A key part of that 326-acre proposal, a PILOT tax incentive, has yet to be discussed among Illinois state lawmakers.

This would allow the Bears to “pay to Arlington Heights a negotiated sum for the property taxes,” according to the Chicago Sun Times. The report further explains mixed reactions to the proposal, including Gov. J.B. Pritzker noting he does not support public financing of a new Bears stadium.

The report offers some uncertainty as to whether the Bears might stay around Chicago long-term without an approved tax incentive to speed up the new stadium process.

Todd Maisch, president of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, tells the Chicago Sun Times, “I think it needs to happen by the end of this session. If not, you’re going to start to have other states make their cases on why the Chicago Bears should be the St. Louis Bears.”

The Chicago Bears should be able to get what they need.

It wouldn’t be the first time a Chicago football team departed for St. Louis. The Cardinals did so back in 1960 before eventually moving to Arizona. It isn’t a shock that city is mentioned. St. Louis saw their original team, the Rams, depart in 2017 for Los Angeles. Since then, it has been devoid of an NFL presence despite a still sizable football fanbase. That said, the odds of the Bears actually leaving Chicago are incredibly low. The McCaskey family has deep ties to the city, as do other minority owners.

Besides, it feels ridiculous to think the NFL would allow a franchise in one of its largest media markets to leave for St. Louis or anywhere else. The Chicago Bears are a cornerstone of the league. A founding member. They aren’t going to let something as stupid as tax incentives drastically reshape the league’s identity. It might take time, but the organization should find the money they need to make the stadium project work. This is one of the big reasons Warren was hired. He lives for challenges like this.